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We support you to create the long-awaited wedding day eliminating the stress of the organization in order to enjoy every second of this unique experience in life.

About me : Ana de Haro 

My studies are an important part of the guarantee in the services I Offer, because I want my clients to be calmed and that they enjoy the maximum of the event.
I started with a degree in Hotel Management  after a Diploma in Protocol, in 2009 I studied a Master in Marketing and Organization of Events in Italy and in my return to Mexico I achieved a Certification as Wedding planner because I loved the world of weddings.
Being on the lookout for a couple in love who is excited about what they will live, full me with joy and satisfaction.
Also, when I have the opportunity of planning or participate in other types of events I like to strive the same way, since everything is just as important.
I am constantly training so I know the new trends or new services. In addition, I have agreements with different providers so my clients have the tranquility of having a CREATIVE, harmonious and successful event.
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