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  • What does a Wedding Planner do?
    Plan the wedding of your dreams, without the anguish of the organization and the search for reliable suppliers
  • Why do I need a Wedding Planner, if the hotel has a coordinator?"
    The Wedding Planner helps you plan all aspects of your wedding day and serves as a representative for the benefit of the bride and groom, as well as helping you create the idea you have for your wedding by giving you options
  • How can I organize my wedding in another destination, if I don't live there?"
    The characteristic of a destination wedding is that it is in a different place where the bride and groom live, therefore, most of the planning will be by phone, mail or video calls. We only recommend places we already know
  • Do you only work with specific locations and suppliers?
    No, if you have any place or provider that you would like to use, we are open to the possibility of working with other options.
  • Can you also help us plan the pre-wedding events?
    Sure! Destination weddings have the characteristic of having several events during the wedding weekend. Have no doubt that your wedding will be full of activities for you and all your guests
  • Can you help me plan my honeymoon taking into account the wedding budget?
    Yes, having full control of the organization of your wedding and the budget we will know with certainty what destination to offer you for your Honeymoon
  • What should I take into account to choose the destination of my wedding?
    The first important point is to take into account the dream you have for your wedding, however, you should also consider how many people you want to attend your wedding. If the possibility of your guests is little to travel then we recommend a wedding in your city, if you have a small wedding and you have few guests take advantage of any of Mexico's tourist destinations
  • What is free advice about?
    For an hour we will be talking about the ideas of your wedding, and about what you have dreamed, to make recommendations or give you the best ways to make it come true
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